Meet Access Trax: Creating Accessibility to wheelchair users, pedestrians, carts and strollers.

Updated: Jan 14


Kelly Twichel

About the brand:

Beach Trax is the only foldable, lightweight, temporary pathway designed to increase access over uneven terrains such as sand, gravel, dirt, or grass. Our newest design provides universal access to wheelchair users, pedestrians, carts and strollers. With Beach Trax, you can spend more time doing the things you want and need to do, instead of worrying about how you’ll get there.

Our pathway provides Access for Life.

Beach Trax folds, making it very easy to set up, break down, and store. Thirty feet can be laid out in under 2 minutes by one able-bodied individual. When folded for storage or transport, 30 feet is approximately 3 inches thick. You can easily fit Beach Trax into a small car, or check it as luggage on a plane for your travels. It is also perfect for businesses and communities who require ADA compliant accessibility for events or long-term use.


The product was initially designed for adaptive surfers requiring access over sand, however, the versatility of the pathway makes it great for multiple terrains and purposes. Whether you’re needing access for personal or public use, for ADA compliance, events, work, or leisure, Beach Trax is here to provide Access for Life.

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