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Alexis Piotrowski

About the brand:

Good Time Cocktail Co. is a company built on the idea that our differences are what make us great. Our time is valuable and the people in our lives matter. This business was started because we know sharing special moments can be hard.

We all have busy lives and getting together can happen less frequently as life becomes more stressful. We hope that every time you use one of our kits or products that you love


We hope that we can contribute to, and be a part of your memories. We want to give you an excuse to call some old friends or make a date night special. We want to take the stress out of planning by anticipating your needs and making this as simple as possible. It’s important for us to create a space where people can be who they are, drink what they want and make their cocktails the way they like them.


Recently founded by Alexis Piotrowski a long-time member (and lover) of the service industry specializing in high-volume bars and excellent customer service. Once a Director of Operations for a successful bar group in Austin she oversaw 3 establishments and 2 different concepts. She directed various areas of bar & restaurant management and excelled at it, but the love for California living called her back home to San Diego. Wanting to combine all of the most loved aspects of her former positions, and feeling the need to create something to call her own, Good Time Cocktail Co. was born.

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